Purpose of the training

After finishing our online Lean Green Belt training, you are certified Green Belt at level 1C. You understand the aspects of the lean management philosophy and are able to apply a number of basic principles and techniques in your own practice.

The knowledge will help you propagate the importance of continuous improvement and to start improvement initiatives!

We will introduce you to our philosophy for doing, doing together and doing it yourself.

And you can also dream of the 5P model after this training. Of course we already have a preview for you: download the 5P model here

The strenghts of our training Lean Green Belt

  • Intake interview to tailor the training to your learning needs as much as possible
  • 6 half-days of interactive training with self-study beforehand and practice in an online session
  • Personal attention: groups of up to 8 participants en indvidual guidance with your practical assignment
  • A theory exam, incl. 1 resit opportunity
  • Unlimited access to our online learning portal
  • Certification on level 1a, 1b, 1c for the Lean Green Belt

All information about this training

During these inspiring days you will learn to:

  • Independently carry out a problem-solving methodology (A3).
  • Map processes by creating a value stream map en identifying waste.
  • Independently signal improvements by executing gemba walks.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of the management system in one’s own working environment.
  • Apply PDCA in your own work.

Of course you also want to know the practical side of this online training.

The costs for this training are € 2.250,- excl. VAT.

Due to the limited number of participants, the training dates will be planned in consultation

You can easily register via the registration form on our website. Please indicate in which month you would like to participate. We will contact you for an intake interview to tailor the training to your wishes as much as possible.


“Good variety between theory and practical assignments. Arthur takes you step by step into the world of Lean and you better absorb the material. I still use the tools I’ve learned on a daily basis. This tastes like more!” Rating: 9

“Arthur Pans understands the art of keeping everyone motivated, can explain well and clearly and ensures that the attention remains. His training has helped me on my way to continuous improvement and how to tackle problems.” Rating: 10


Interested in this training? How nice! You can register immediately using this form. We will then contact you for a further introductory meeting and the practicalities.

s.hoekstra@improvery.nl 06 – 29231778

Improvery is een een Consultancy & Trainingsbureau gespecialiseerd in het helpen transformeren van organisaties naar meer resultaatgericht werken en het creëren van een cultuur van Continu Verbeteren.

Wij geloven dat resultaten altijd beter kunnen. Wij geloven ook dat resultaten niet alleen op de korte termijn effect moeten hebben, maar nog belangrijker zijn op de lange termijn. Met onze aanpak zorgen wij ervoor dat direct resultaat wordt geboekt, dat het resultaat blijvend is en dat de organisatie zelfstandig in staat is steeds verder te verbeteren.

Wij geloven dat veranderen mensenwerk is, dus richten wij ons vooral op het vergroten van de veranderkundige capaciteit van mensen.

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